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Friday, January 13, 2012

Gluten Free Restaurant Review - Solo Pizza & Pasta, Hobart, Tasmania

In a recent trip to Hobart, I was stumped for where to eat Gluten Free. Luckily thanks to the internet, I was able to find some options. I settled on Solo Pizza and Pasta Restaurant in Sandy Bay, Hobart. Dubious, I headed inside and was instantly surprised. The atmosphere was bustling and friendly as we were greeted at the door. It is both in house dining restaurant and take-away pizza venue. We were seated right away even though it was a Friday with no booking. Staff we so attentive and friendly. But getting to the food, I decided to get a Gluten Free pizza, considering that is a luxury I can rarely have these days. Usually gluten free pizza is dry and very small and extremely expensive. I was starving and pleasantly surprised with this rather large, medium sized pizza. It was delicious, not only did it look like a real (gluten) pizza, it tasted great. And at that size, great value too. It's the best gluten free pizza i've found so far. Although, the commute from Melbourne to Hobart, to get it, is a bit far. I did ask if they delivered, and yes they do, but not as far as the mainland. I thought I'd write a review for the blog, so that anyone who happens to be heading down to Hobart has a heads up for somewhere gluten free to go. I would absolutely recommend this restaurant. They do offer other gluten free options such as risottos (although, I can never be 100% sure if they are gluten free, GF stocks etc) as well as a great range of regular pizza and pasta dishes. Hope this helps anyone out there looking for a gluten free restaurant in Hobart.

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